I like simple! No busy backgrounds, minimal props. Clean and simple! This brown brings out the warmth in his little face. I like to start sessions with a few quick pictures like this.

Fun begins

Next let's add some props and a special background. What theme would you like? Sam here is going to have a space first birthday party.

Out of this world cuteness!

Multiple sets

If you do the hour session, there's time to do multiple sets. And since the studio is so large I can have them all ready to go so when you come. We will be moving your child from one set to another quickly. Kids don't last long so I try to make the most of the time we have.

Cake Smash - Love them!

Quick changes

Notice below how I quickly took out props to make it look different. I like simple but you might like more.

Added Star

These stars didn't want to stick to the background well. So I decided to add it in post. That's what retouching is for.

Light changes

If you go back and look, I changed the light on Sam. I can do full light with minimal shadows or side light that contours his face. If you don't tell me I try to do a variety. If you have a preference please let me know and I'll do just that. First birthday pictures are so much fun! Let's get some done for you!