Babies First Year

"Our kids grow up so fast. Don't let these memories slip away."

Gabriel S.

What a special time in life- your babies first year!

Let me help you get a feel of my studio. I work out of my large basement in my home. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you come. So when you arrive, you'll park right by the house and walk thru the house garage into my kitchen to the basement. After a cake smash you may use the large kitchen sink to clean you and your baby. Trust me it is usually needed. Putting them back into the car would be a mess! Downstairs in the studio, I have a changing table for you to use while you're here. Infant sessions can take upto 3 hours, yes I have caught dad snoring on the chair to catch up on his sleep. I can have unto 8 sets to make changing sets as easy and quick as walking a few steps into the next one.

Every session is custom. To get you started, I will send out a questionnaire which helps us both. It answers most questions for you and me. And if not, I love texting to finalize what is needed. I want you to get great memories for your family to share for years to come, so I am not your in and out photographer. Great pictures take little bit of time to create. So take the time to pick out the best outfits, sets, and figure out the best time that your little one is happiest so you get those precious smiles. I'lll walk you thru each step, no worries. I strive to make it a fun experience!

To help your session go as smoothly as possible, practice at home first. If you want your baby to wear a hat, PRACTICE at home. If you want them in a certain outfit, try it on to make sure it fits and they feel comfortable in it. You might need a t-shirt under it if it's scratchy. Please don't schedule during nap time. And maybe bring snacks and/or a drink for you and them.

And I love doing new ideas! If you don't see your ideas here or my Facebook page, please sent me a photograph of what you are looking for.

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