Business Portraits

What to expect.

To get you started, I will send you a questionnaire so I can get similar with what your needs are. Next, we will schedule a date, time and location. And at anytime, please text with any question you may have either before or after your session. I love texting because it's the quickest way I can respond with answers. After your session, I will send you a link of your pictures to your phone. If you want it sent to your email please let me know. After you view and pick your favorites, I will retouch your choices and add them back to your online viewing site. You have the option to download all of your digital pictures or order prints directly from your site. If you ask for more retouching than what is in your session fees, then an invoice will be sent to you for the extra cost. I am an experienced retoucher and I keep things looking natural. If you have additional retouching requests please let me know. Don't be shy- I've heard a lot! Your shoot is all about you, and I want you to be relaxed and confident. If there's something you feel self confident about, please let me know.

Here's some help.

  1. Make sure it's consistent with the image of your current job. And please don't wear too much white.
  2. Please bring a couple of outfits if unsure of what to wear. You can change here. Ask if you need suggestions.
  3. Hair: if you are not sure if you want to wear it up or down, arrive with your hair down and put it up at the end of the session.
  4. Lips: No chapped lips! The day before run a toothbrush over them to get rid of chapped lips and wear chapstick or lipstick.
  5. Nails: Head and Shoulder won't show them, you'll only need to manicure them if you're doing a personal style portrait.
  6. Don't wear transition lenses, Wear non glare if possible, but rest assured most glare can be retouched out.
  7. Skin: moisturize! Use some moisturizer to avoid dry skin.

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