So excited!

Cute dresses and handsome little boys outfits -

here we come!

Lambs and a baby rabbit is here!

I get the lambs that don't stay in the barn but are kept in the farmers's house. And since they're in the house, the wear a diaper just like a baby. I keep them in a diaper the whole session too. Most kids think it's so cute when they come in and see the lamb in a diaper. These lambs are the ones that their mommas reject so in order for them to survive they are cared for by a farmer in their home. Which makes it perfect for us - they're used to people.

Here's a few from last year.

2024 Sets

Most sets this year will accommodate small families. So get in a few with the kids.

Wanting a session?

Text Sheri at 734.675.8928. If you're a new client, please text me your name, email and that you're interested in an Easter session. I will send you a questionnaire to get further information needed to book your session. Current clients just text that you're interested. You know the drill.

I'll be doing sessions only up to Easter. Then onto Mother's Day sets.

So many options!

I give you a lot to choose from. If you want to bring your animal, please do. Below is Gunner. He came with his family. If the weather is good you can even go outside for some pictures.

I do have a baby swing and a child's swing if you would like to use either please let me know. Most kids love to swing so I get some great smiles with it. Please contact me with any questions. I love texting so I can answer when I can.

What's the difference with a mini and a full session?

I do an everyday mini and every full session so most of my clients know but incase you're new to my studio.

Mini sessions take about 15 minutes. I ask what is your main goal of the session and start there. If there's time I do more creative things. Full sessions take about an hour. Of course, I recommend this one because we don't rush and I am able to be creative and do a lot more.

Both sessions include all pictures taken, which are proofed for you. Meaning that I do a quick edit on them. Most of my clients don't come back for additional editing, even though I recommend it. You won't see most flaws if printed under an 8x10, but if you choose to enlarge 8x10 or larger, please let me retouch your pictures more. Every session includes 2 retouched digital pictures. I will give you a quote on any additional.

Above was a full session, notice the variety of backgrounds and use of the swing.

Another session

It's so hard not to show some of these cute sessions. I added life like baby chicks. The kids love them. Kids need something to keep them entertained. The chicks and eggs help. I can't wait to get the live animals this year. It's coming fast! So don't delay in booking your session.