Investing in custom family portraits each year is a decision you will never regret making. When your children are grown and they look back at the pictures, they will appreciate all the memories you took the time to make. It is an honor for me to be able to preserve those memories for you. You deserve images you love to share. I take both posed and non posed portraits. But my favorites are the ones where you are having fun and laughing. I know a few tricks. I love staying at the studio, my 10 acre yard, where we can drive my UTV around and just have fun. My favorite spot is a rock waterfall pond with lots of flowers. I stay here at the studio for most of my sessions but am willing for a small fee to travel to your favorite spot.

How to prep your kids

  1. Talk to them about the session and what they can expect. Anxiety is a stealer of joy and the last thing we want is for our kids to be scared.
  2. Show them pictures of what they might be doing. Get them excited to come.
  3. Bring snacks! Breaks are good, we all need them.
  4. Make sure the time isn't at nap time. I'm cranky if I'm tired so I don't expect any different from them.
  5. Try on clothes ahead of time. Make sure they feel good, tags are off and they fit right.

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