So excited for this year's Christmas sessions. Look at these backgrounds!

There's one missing

I have room for one more background. And I just can't decide. My solid black is always set up for small groups as well as the traditional portrait grey. But there's one spot left for a large background to go up. So I guess it'll be a surprise!

This train background is my favorite!

One set but so many options

I like to do a variety of posing, different props, different groupings, do some individuals, different lighting. etc. I'll start out with the basic lighting as in the first picture and if kids are still having fun, I'll add and subtract light as in the picture with the baby in the cradle.

Family Heirloom

You can bring props if you want. For example, bring a special toy like a teddy bear to have your kids play with. Or bring a gift for them to open, that'll make them smile!

This cradle in the picture above was made for my oldest child from my family before he was born. It is really special to me. My older sister-Linda made the wicker top, my younger brother-Bobby made the wood bottom and my mom sewed the bedding. A custom mattress ordered for it. What a gift! So if you have a heirloom you'd like to bring, please do so.

Let's get you booked!

All I need to get you started is your name and email. You can text them to me or send me a message thru my contact page on my website here. Or call with any questions. That'll work too, I can't always answer when you call so texting me is great and I'll answer asap. So after I receive your name and email, I'll send you a questionnaire which helps me know more about you so I can book you the correct amount of time. It'll have the prices on there for you to choose which session is best for you. I'm so looking forward to this upcoming holiday season to meet new families and catch up on families I haven't seen in awhile.