My Passion!

I love the outdoors! We moved to this location 6 years ago because I begged my husband for the land. I saw the potential in it. Now it's my dream property! I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband to help me fulfill my dreams.

My other passion besides playing in the yard ( as my family puts it) is photography. I love capturing special moments that people will cherish. I love watching families grow and getting to know them.

My passion combined! I do most of my sessions here at my studio/home. I want people to feel at home here. I hope I create an atmosphere to encourage that.


Meet Ashley and her family.

I like most of my sessions in the evenings when the light is beautiful.

Aiden and Dad

Ashley went into change, and I found the two of them playing with a baby praying mantis. Isn't nature awesome. Best toy a kid can have!

Isn't she beautiful? I loved the outfit she brought. The delicate sleeves on her dress.

Digital options

Color changes can be made to enhance photographs. I like to show in my proofing a few options. Here's an option that I gave to Ashley. When she tells me her favorites I'll also ask what color tones she wants.