How we connected

Katie was recommended to me by her niece Keri. And when I posted that I wanted maternity models and were offering a discounted session, Katie texted me. That's where it all began. So thanks Keri!

Katie's session

What a beautiful momma and we had a gorgeous day for pictures. Great combination! Our waterfall was down for repair and I'm so glad! So I started to photograph people on top and now I do that all the time.

I love texting with my clients especially when they send me texts like this after our session.

"This one is so beautiful it doesn't even look real! It looks like a fairy tale!!! Like a Disney princess or something!!! Soooo breathtaking!

Studio Indoor and Outdoor

Having 10 acres is such a blessing for me, and then having such a big area to photograph in the basement is even more of a blessing. I can get so much photographed in such a short time.


Please come and join in all the fun! Greg did a great job making Katie smile. Katie you have a keeper!

Text after Maternity Session

"You do have the best job! I am so thankful Keri sent me your link when u had posted the maternity shot promo!! I am soo thankful because we both had a blast. Even Greg was like "wow she is really good, she knows what she is doing!!" He want to do our family/newborn pics with you! So do I!

This made my day. :)

I usually don't photograph maternity on black but it works so well for this picture with the Yamaha shirts. Katie and Greg made these special by adding in their own special touches.

Old or New

Katie and Greg didn't know if they wanted to use the new truck or the old truck that was Katie's brothers. So we just did both!

Wyatt is the Boss

You can't control babies and when they sleep. Sometimes I get 2 different sets in and sometimes I get many like here with Wyatt. He was 7 days old, which is when I want them in the studio, when he came to do pictures. He slept even when we moved him. A photographers dream newborn.

Third Generation Bear

As you know, I love family heirlooms. Katie brought her mama's bear from when she was a kid. So precious!

Wyatt is 6 months and growing fast!

Some Props are mine to share

The John Deer tractor was a set I put together before they arrived. I like to chat with each client before our session so that I can prepare with props that fits what they want. And since I can have up to 8 sets up at once, I have those ready to go so all I do is move my lights to each set.

Bring your own Props

When Greg and Katie arrived, Katie apologized for bringing so much stuff. She didn't need to. I loved it! I thought it was great that Greg bought his son a big car and tool set for Christmas. And then brought it to the session!

Family Heirlooms

For his infant session we used his grandmother's bear. For this session we choose to do a lot with mechanic work since both sides enjoy that. So we used Greg's great grandpa's tool set. He was a mechanic. And a photo of Katie's papa's who was also named Earl. Wyatt was named after him - Wyatt Earl.